OCTOBER 14 - 18
Recommended 4th Grade to Adults

There are three books of the Bible that would later come to be called the "wisdom literature." They reveal the collected wisdom of generations of godly people and invite us to consider the complexity and simplicity of living wisely. These three books are the books of Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes. Each of these books explores the same basic theme and tackles the same basic question.

Set during an unknown time period in Uz, an obscure land far from Israel, the book of Job focuses on questions about God's justice and why good people suffer. It also asks the question we rarely think to ask, why do good people prosper?

Job: Overview video is shown on this page. 


What about this video was new information to you?

Throughout the book, Job, his wife, and his friends speculate on why he, an upright man, is suffering. Job accuses God of being unjust and not operating the world according to principles of justice, and his friends believe that Job's sin caused his suffering. Job decides to talk directly to God.


Read: Job 1:13-22


Do you have a personal experience from your life where you felt emotions similar to Job’s? Share about your experience.


Several perspectives on God’s justice are highlighted in the book (from Job, his wife, his friends). Do you resonate with any of their responses about Job’s situation?


Read: Job 23:1-17


The conversation between Job and God brings to mind the “fear of the Lord” that we discussed in Proverbs. What role do you see the fear of the Lord playing out in this book?


What does it mean to you to trust in God’s wisdom in a world where suffering is not prevented?


When evil darkens our world, give us light. When despair numbs our souls, give us hope. When we stumble and fall, lift us up. When doubts assail us, give us faith. When nothing seems sure, give us trust. When ideals fade, give us vision. When we lose our way, be our guide! That we may find serenity in Your presence, and purpose in doing Your will.

David Meginniss shares his commentary on this week's lesson. 


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