Welcome! We're glad you're interested in learning more about Christ Church. We won't make you stand up and say anything, or wear a name tag, or make any sort of commitment. (We're not against commitments, of course; if and when you're ever ready to commit, we can do that, too.) We just want you to feel comfortable.  Here are some questions you might have and feel free to contact our Director of Adult Ministries, Michelle Waits,


Q: What door do I come in?

A: If you're coming for a Sunday service, the best door is probably right under the bell tower. You will be greeted by a friendly person and given a bulletin, which tells us which pages in the books we're using and when. An usher will also be glad to help you find a place to sit.


If you're coming on a weekday, you can come in the 7th Street door, under the porte-cochère. It's usually locked, to protect the children in the preschool, but there's an intercom next to the door. Just press the button and explain to the receptionist who you are, and she will automatically unlock the door for you.


Q: Are there reserved seats?
A: No, except on special occasions we will reserve some places for special participants in the service, and these are clearly marked. But nobody has a "claim" to a particular pew, so feel free to sit in any of them.

Q: What's up with the books?
A: As an Episcopal church, our service comes out of the Book of Common Prayer. It has all kinds of prayers, and all kinds of services ... we use it for a lot of things. Copies of this book are red, and are in the pews. The services in them have parts for the service leaders to say, and parts for the congregation to say-- it's a participatory service. The blue books are the hymnals. The page numbers for the prayer book and the hymn numbers for the hymns are printed in the bulletin.

Q: What if I don't know what to do?
A: Okay, we're a liturgical church, and we want everyone to participate. But we know that can be confusing for a visitor. The best thing to do is tell an usher when you come in, and he or she will let you sit behind somebody you can follow. All of us had to learn, and we're happy to teach others. It's not really that hard, and we think you will get more out of it if you join in.

Q: Is there a nursery? Where is it?
A: Yes there is. You can read about it here. To find it, go toward the front of the church, up the right aisle. There is a door near the pulpit leading to a long hall. Go down the hall until you see the large double doors on the left, across from the rest rooms.

Q: Is there a time to socialize?
A: A lot of folks socialize in that long hall, called the atrium, between the services. If you come early enough, the men cook and serve breakfast at 8:15, and you are welcome to come eat with us. There is a serving line in the kitchen, which is right by the 7th street door. There is also a little time to socialize before the Sunday School classes start.

Q: Where can I get more information about the church?
A: Please fill out a visitor's card, introduce yourself to clergy, ushers-or ask anyone-we are all so glad you're here!

Q: Why three different services? What's the difference in them?
A: We have three services because we can't all fit in the church at the same time. So since we have three services, we make them different to give people a choice about worship styles. The early service at 7:30 is very simple. There are no hymns. It uses the old Elizabethan style English, similar to that used in the King James version of the Bible. The middle service at 9 uses the contemporary English version of the service, and one of the children's choirs sings. There is also a "children's minute" when the children come in from the nursery to spend a few minutes talking to the priest. Once a month at this service we have a special children's liturgy that's even more child friendly. The late service at 11 is a bit more formal. It uses the Elizabethan style language, except when we have a baptism, and the Adult choir sings.

Q: Do I need to dress up?
A: That's up to you. Some folks wear "business casual" and some even wear coat and tie. It's part of being respectful of what we're doing. But there's no real dress code.

Q: Where are the rest rooms?
A: If you go toward the front of the church up the right aisle and out the door near the pulpit, there is a unisex rest room across the hall just outside the door. The main rest rooms are further down the hall on the right, through the double doors and across from the nursery.

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