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Sunday Morning Formation Offerings 
Spring 2023

Every Sunday at 10 am, all ages are invited to participate in a variety of formation offerings.  Feel free to attend the same class all semester or hop between the classes!  Everyone is welcome to participate, whether you consider yourself an expert or an amateur.  Reach out to Kathleen Franklin with questions. 


All Spring 2023 offerings begin on January 22.  Special forums will be offered on January 8 and 15.


All the Things

Join us on the second floor near the WoRM Hole to discuss all the things!  This group is designed for parishioners between the ages of 20-40 (ish)--we won’t ID you!  Each week facilitators will lead a conversation around a topic that is especially significant to people in the life stage of building a career, creating a family, and raising children.  This is a discussion-based class that prioritizes sharing and connecting over knowing all the answers.


J-Walking: A Scripture Study on James, Jeremiah & Job

Join parishioner and religion professor Christine Poston and parishioner Jim Jolly as they walk through three intriguing books of the Bible.  There will be approximately 4-6 classes in each book.  The class instructors will provide background information and context and then lead participants through a discussion.  This class meets in Room 222.


Theological Gumbo

This is a forum-style offering held in Randall Hall where we feature a different topic every week!  Guest speakers will lead the forum.  See the schedule below:

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