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An Update from the Junior Warden:

We are continuing to work on the Lurleen Blvd Courtyard.  After removing some overgrown plantings and dead trees, we started restoration by adding azaleas around the fountain and the angel. 


This weekend a crew installed annuals in the planters, bringing in a bit of color.  In late fall or early winter we expect to add new trees.  We also planned to restore the lawn just south of the Nave; but unfortunately, we have major issues with our irrigation system, so the lawn will be delayed and temporary watering systems have been implemented for the new growth. 


Special thanks to Bobby Cherones and Pat Williams (a friend of the garden, even though not a member) for design, and Bea Strong, Ginger Buck, Susan Smith and Alex Wilson for implementation.

The 6th Street Courtyard has been the center of much construction activity over the years, as cranes were brought for various projects, most recently to replace the flat roofs.  With those projects behind us, it is time to make the space nice again.   


Sandy Gathings Williams has designed an urban green space incorporating a beautiful statute of St. Francis of Assisi.  Working with Evans Fitts, a detailed plan has been created and is being priced at this time.  Funds permitting, we hope to do this work during the summer. 

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